Friday, January 2, 2009

Dezmon Briscoe

What a stud! 15 TDs, over 1400 yards, 2 different 200 yard games? He doesn't get near the hype he deserves. Kansas fans had better enjoy him, because he's only got one year left before he's a first round draft pick.

I haven't posted on here forever, but I have 9 prognostications for 2009 I'd like to make while I'm here:

1. Bill Snyder's return will be less successful than Brett Favre's.
2. Oklahoma will win the National Title (but Texas and USC have fantastic arguments).
3. Peyton Manning leads the Colts to a Super Bowl victory over Carolina.
4. Herm Edwards returns for the start of the 2009 season.
5. The Royals win more than 81 games.
6. Missouri and Kansas both win at least 24 games and make the Sweet 16.
7. Brodie Croyle will never win a regular season game as a starter in the NFL.
8. The Chiefs will not draft a quarterback in the first round.
9. Alex Gordon will lead the Royals in extra base hits.