Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That is more like it!

Jose Guillen beginning to come out of his shell? The 5 RBIs from last night say maybe. If he starts hitting this entire lineup can turn around. DeJesus, Grudz and Gordon have done a good job getting on in front of him, and if they continue these Royals may not look quite as putrid.

Speaking of things we thought, but hadn't seen....Brett Tomko is starting to look every bit as terrible as I'd anticipated. On the bright side we've already gotten more out of him than I expected, and Jorge De la Rosa looks ready for his shot. I'd give Tomko one more start, make sure Jorge can maintain his stellar start, and then make the move.

I swear, someone took the reigns from Carl on Day 1. Dorsey and Flowers are two of my favorite picks in the entire draft. They could both be pro bowlers and make an already talented young defense look even better. Everyone else seems high on Alberts, so I'll give them credit for that too.

The flip side is that someone gave the controls back to Carl on Day two. How we passed on Anthony "Mama Gotta Eat" Collins in the third round is beyond me. How we did it to pick a running back and tight end is criminal. I don't know how you can get 6 starters when you use 2/3 of your 3rd round to pick up players at positions where you already have All Pros.


-Turns out when I used to call the Rocket a child molester I was right...HA! Seriously, this guy needs to pull a Mark McGwire...and fast. Time to disappear Roger...maybe to France? In case you don't know what I'm talking about, not only did Roger cheat on the field, he did off the field as well. With country music's one hit wonder Mindy McReady (yeah she was)...bigger problem? She was 15 and he was 28 when the relationship started...WOW!

- The Jayhawks signed another recruit, giving them 7...this pretty much seals that Self thinks Arthur won't be back...could be a long November for the Hawks next year.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay, I love Jared Allen as much as any true Chiefs fan....and I hate Carl equally as much...but a first and two thirds is not a bad deal especially if Jared was really never going to sign a long term deal. Is it Carl's fault we got here in first place? Absolutely. Are we going to be the worst team in all of football next year? Very possibly. Might we still waste the picks? Almost certainly. But still, a first and two thirds is a good deal. Hope Jared and the Vikings have a fine year next year...and I hope the Chiefs find a way to win at least 1.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy time

So the nicknames are almost done, it's been a chore, but there's been so much going on that I wanted to chime in with my thoughts:

No surprise to me that Michael Beasley, Bill Walker, Brandon Rush and Darrell Arthur declared for the draft although I would be surprised if Walker or Arthur change their mind. Seems to me that all four should go in the first round and I'm happy for them. I always find it odd when people chastise these stars for leaving early. Who amongst us wouldn't have left college early for guaranteed millions in our field of expertise? A very small percentage indeed, and most of us don't have the same risk for injury that they would. I think Rush and Beasley will be the best pros of the four, I'm just not sure Walker and Arthur have the right make up...but the certainly have the talent.

Frank Martin's 5 year extension didn't surprise me a ton either but i don't think it'll work out very well in manhappy. I feel pretty confident saying that the Wildcats underachieved this season with Beasley and Walker. If they continue that path with considerably less talent fans in Manhappy may be right back where they were in the Woolridge era.

I hear rumors that Luke "I am your Father" Hochevar may take John Bale's spot in the rotation as early as Sunday. Hochevar looked good in his last start in Omaha and while it's earlier than I anticipated, I'm stoked. Greinke, Banny and Hochevar may make up the best young staff in all of baseball.

Speaking of starters, I owe Brett Tomko an apology. He hasn't been near as terrible as I anticipated. In fact, to this point he's been our third best starter. I don't expect that to continue, but I'll give him props now while I can.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I remember a time

when you could count on the Kool Aid Drinker to meet a deadline...of course, that was the same time that no one in KC had on a major title(thank you Jayhawks)....and back when the Royals had no pitching (thanks Zack and Banny)...Now, all bets are off.

Seriously though, I'm just trying to give Jose "Can you see the Mendoza line" Guillen a chance to earn a better nickname....but time is running out.

By the way,

- The Royals are back in sole possession of first place
- Zack and Banny are 6-0 with a 0.80 ERA
- That was the best Kansas basketball team ever...stop debating it
- Tiger choked
- The Royals better build a bigger than 5 game lead if they want to withstand these Tigers are going to make when they get hot.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kool Aid for everyone

What if I'd told you coming into the season that through 9 games:

David "The Jesus" would have only one at bat
Tony Pena "in the Assa" would have only one hit
Gil Monster Meche would have a 6.94 ERA
Jose Guillen would be hitting .162 with no home runs

Well, for one, I wouldn't be the Kool Aid Drinker now would I? But more importantly, what would you guess the Royals record would be? 2-7? Maybe 3-6? Certainly not 6-3, 5 games ahead of the Tigers...but here we are? How? That's a fantastic question.

First off, Wacky Zack Greinke and Brian Bannister have been LIGHTS OUT. They are a combined 4-0 with a 1.00 ERA. No one, not even the Kool Aid Drinker, would have predicted a start like that against the vaunted Tigers and Yankees.

Second, the hitting hasn't been otherworldly, but it's been effective. Jumpin Joey Gathright is a great example of that. He's hitting a meager .194, yet he's third on the team in runs scored and he's stolen 6 bases already (if you're keeping score at home, that puts him on pace for about 105 steals).

Finally, the Royals bullpen has been every bit the strength I expected, led by the one guy I expected to take a couple of steps backward, Joakim "The Dream" Soria. Soria has 4 saves and has struck out 7 in 5 innings while allowing only 2 base runners.

What does this all mean? Maybe not a ton, it's only 9 games...but for a young ball club in desperate need of confidence, it has to mean something.

It means we can be certain that Awesome Alex and Bad Ass Billy aren't going to start as slow as some had prognosticated they might.

It means we can win with our two highest paid players (Meche and Guillen) struggling mightily.

It means that a run at the playoffs may actually be more likely than a 100 loss season.

Most importantly, it means we can all dream a little. Everyone worried that the Royals' April schedule would have fans yearning for football by May 1. Well, that schedule looks a little less daunting now, and the Kool Aid is still tasting sweet. So drink up Royals fans, dare to believe that Bannister, Greinke and Soria can continue making batters look silly. BELIEVE that Gordon and Butler will continue to be the offensive threats we all envisioned they would. While you're at it, let's hope that Meche and Guillen start earning their a victory over the only team to win a series from the Royals in this young season.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This is late, but Super Mario was the man...obviously. However, I still think Sherron made the play of the game with the steal and the three. To go from down 7 to down 4 there put us in the game...which we clearly were not at that point. Mario gets the press, and we'll remember that shot forever...let's just try to remember Sherron's too.

Seems like everyone is almost certain Rush is going pro (again) and more than half think Darrell will go pro. But now I'm hearing Mario and Sherron are also considering it? My opinion is that Mario and Brandon should go, while Darrell and Sherron should return. Regardless, we need two of those guys to return to be competitive next year...three and we can make a run at the Final Four...all 4? Well, it's a pipe dream but it'd make us the prohibitive favorites...there's no need to dream like that right now though...we're champs...for almost an entire year...let's enjoy it.

Monday, April 7, 2008



That's my key to the game tonight. Brandon Rush can guard CDR and he will, very tightly...however, I don't think CDR can guard Rush. In fact, once again, I don't see this game being all that close. I'm going with 81-65 Hawks. I see at least one technical from Memphis, and three Tigers fouling out. You get in a big game like this and the quality of the individuals does gets down to crunch time and these Memphis kids will return to who they really are...which isn't pretty.

What does all of this mean? Perhaps one of the greatest 24 hours spans ever for this Jayhawk/Royals fan:
National Championship...Opening Day...Yanks...Tigers....going down...B-Rush over CDR....Banny striking out A-Rod...Awesome Alex and Badass Billy going deep....Super Mario from deep....Shady and Sasha slamming down the alley oop....Joakim the Dream slamming the door...I've got goose bumps

Royals 7, Yanks 4

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I told you so

I said I thought it might not be close...and it wasn't except for a couple of minutes in the second half. I can honestly say that the first 13 minutes of the first half were the best I've ever seen played by any college basketball team ever. And that's no exaggeration... for 13 minutes the Jayhawks were every Beaker fans' unstoppable force. Brandon Rush looked like a lottery pick...Russ Rob and Chalmers looked like the best back court in the country...Cole Aldrich out-Tyler Hansboroughed Tyler Hansborough.

Then, as if the refs had on headsets with the president of CBS in their ear, the momentum shifted. Virtually every call for the next 15 minutes went Carolina's way. Every time a Heel hit the court a whistle blew, warranted or not. To the Tar Heels' credit, they followed the flow and got themselves back in the game...kind of.

I'll admit I was nervous, but coming back from 28 points down against the best team in the country takes too much out of you, even with Roy's maddening substitution patterns. So Carolina got tired, the Jayhawks shook the nerves and once again the game was a blowout. It leaves us with questions, so of which will be answered tomorrow night, some of which we should already know the answer to.

Did Roy choke again? Of course he did. Either that or he's much cockier than I ever gave him credit for. Either way his team was laughably unprepared. My friend Steve brought this up last week, and I thought of it again last night: Everyone acted like the choking was nonsense after his National Championship. Remember that he did it with someone else's players against Bruce Weber who hardly looks like he'll ever be in that type of game again. Maybe Roy really is a choke artist...or maybe...

Is Bill Self really that good of a coach? Let's wait and see how he prepares for Memphis before we answer this one.

Is destiny real? Seriously, 20 years later...K-State in the same region...Baylor in the tourney for the first time since 88...Danny Manning on the bench...Can the curse of Larry Brown really be broken? (sidebar: Seeing Brown cheering for UNC may have upset some KU fans...I was far too elated to give a damn)

Is Cole Aldrich ever going to be that good all the time? I don't think so, but I could be wrong. It kind of reminded me of those two or three times a year the Greg Ostertag would get a fire lit under him. Not sure what fired Aldrich up, but he outplayed Hansborough for a good 10 minutes...which just seems absurd.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bring on the Heels!

Brings on Roy! Seriously, all of these people that spent Roy's 15 years at KU telling me that he's a choker, are now telling me we're underdogs against his team in the Final Four? Bring it on! Tyler Hansborough is the best player in the country? I submit that the Hawks have faced two, maybe three better players already this season. Let's see how Tyler enjoys a couple of Russian elbows to the face..."I will crush you". Lawson is Roy's fastest PG ever? He'd better be when he's chasing Chalmers and Russ Rob the other way after his 6th TO. I'm not even sure this game is going to be close, but I'll play it safe and take the Jayhawks by 8....87-79.

As for Bill Self leaving fro OSU? Please...really? That's absurd, leaving KU for OSU....but even if he does, it's not really that big of a deal. I told everyone this when Roy left, KU is a lot bigger than both of them. No one man is going to make or break a program like this (assuming we stay away from Quinn Snyder and Kelvin Sampson). That being said, I hope he stays because I believe he's truly a great coach. But if for some reason he feels the need to go, I trust sweet Lew to find an equally excellent replacement.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


What a fantabulous first game for our Boys in Blue. Monster Meche struggled but still turned in a quality start against what is a behemoth of a lineup. Brett Tomko somehow got through two innings with only a run before Leo the Lion Nunez clamped down on the vaunted Tigers. As predicted, Soria made it interesting, but notched save #1.

Newsomer Jose Guillen was terrible at the plate (he's still stranding runners) but he saved a run with a seed he threw from right field...after that throw I'm not sure anyone will run on him again. But the hero of the day was Awesome Alex. A two run bomb to rattle Verlander and break loose the offense, then a diving stab for the final out. Anyone else remember a certain left handed third baseman doing it with the wood and the leather? Seriously...92 to go...