Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dayton Strikes Early Again

Dayton doesn't really believe in all that "patience is a virtue" stuff now does he? As everyone in Kansas City knows by now, Moore again made the early splash in the offseason by trading The Melkman for Jonathan Sanchez. I thought I should chime in with my thoughts, since I'm sure Steve will chime in on the Chiefs meltdown for me any time now.
I love the trade...absolutely love it. No, I'm not reviving the Kool Aid Report (not until March at least) and I'm not about to start predicting a Cy Young for Sanchez or a pennant for the Royals in 2012 (unless we sign a #1 starter). Instead, I'll be a little more realistic, here are three reasons I love the trade:
1. Buy low, sell high. It's a principle the Royals have to live by with their economic status and Dayton played it perfect on The Melkman. I would have never guessed that the Royals could pull a #3 starter for one year of Melky, and Dayton convinced the Giants to throw in a 24 year old AA pitcher too.
2. Time for the Painkiller. No matter how good Melky was last year, we all wanted to see what Lorenzo Cain could do in Kansas City. I don't expect him to be as good as Melky was last year, but I don't think Melky will be that good this year either...and Cain should be a huge upgrade defensively, which should help Sanchez and the rest of the Royals pitchers.
3. Oswalt anyone? I know there are some who think the Royals may be a player for CJ Wilson, and others who say they may go after Carlos Zambrano...but Oswalt is the one I want. This trade makes the team better, which should help to attract the free agent #1 GMDM decides he wants.
Now...if that happens? Well...what do you think?
Cain CF
Gordon LF
Butler DH
Hosmer 1B
Frenchy RF
Moose 3B
Sal C
Gio 2B
Escobar SS

Free Agent #1

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